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Palliative Care at White Plains Hospital

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is specialized medical care for people with serious illness. This type of care is focused on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of their illness- whatever the diagnosis. The goal of palliative care is to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family.

Palliative Care is provided by a team of doctors, nurses, social workers and other specialists who work with the patient’s other doctors to provide an extra layer of support. It is appropriate at any age and stage of illness, and can be provided along with curative treatment.

The Palliative Care program at White Plains Hospital is here to ensure that the many different needs of patients with serious illness and their family members are being met. Emphasis is on relieving pain and managing symptoms as well as on addressing the emotional, psychosocial, spiritual and cultural needs and concerns of patients and loved ones. Using a team approach, the Palliative Care physician works with nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers, case managers and other specialists to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible during and after the hospital stay. Follow-up care and consultations will likely continue once the patient returns home or enters a different facility.

Palliative Care consultations are given by Raj Buddhavarapu, M.D., a physician who is board certified in both Geriatrics and Hospice & Palliative Medicine. Management of pain and symptoms are addressed in the initial physician consultation and may be followed by further services from nurses, social workers, case managers, chaplains and other professionals.

These services may include:

  • Pain Management
  • Emotional and Spiritual Counseling
  • Caregiver Support Program at the Hospital
  • Coordination of Care after Hospitalization
  • Referrals to Community Resources
  • Information and Advocacy on a variety of issues such as:
    • Health Care Proxy
    • Advance Directives
    • Treatment Options, including Nutrition and Hydration Requests

Patients seeking Palliative Care Program consultations should speak to their medical doctor and request that he or she arrange for a consult with Dr. Buddhavarapu during their hospitalization.

For more information on the Palliative Care service at White Plains Hospital, please contact Dr. Raj Buddhavarapu - “Dr. Buddha” - at (914) 681-1072.