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In the Words of our Nurses

"Even after 37 years of nursing, I still enjoy my job and love to help my patients. I love being a nurse." - Alice Nicolettii, 5E

"I have worked at WPH for the past 29 years. I am proud to say that I truly love being a nurse here. The staff, the doctors and everyone I encounter are truly supportive of each other" - Rukmini Nair, 5I

"Everyday that I come to WPH I get to work with the most professional, smart and nurturing group of nurses. They have helped me to grow professionally. I am
very lucky." - Kerry Breglia, 5F

"WPH is a great place to work because we approach every day together. We work as a team to help and support each other through the shift." - Susan Mantione, 4I

"I love WPH because everyone is friendly and supportive. It is a great environment in to work in" - Pamela Coleman, 6F

"I have worked at WPH for 21 years. The people here are like family to me. I can't imagine working anywhere else." - Jill Guercio, NICU