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Nursing Professional Practice Model

In Pursuit of Nursing Excellence

The Nursing Professional Practice Model at White Plains Hospital establishes the guiding philosophies of our nursing practice. It focuses on all aspects of nursing: the professional environment, patient care standards and nursing principles and practice. Patients and their families can be found at the center as more than any other factor, their unique circumstances and medical needs inform our nurses’ decisions.

Core Values

Surrounding the nucleus of patient and family is a circle of core values that are central to what our nurses aspire to be. These values are Caring, Empathy, Respect, Trust, Advocacy, and Accountability. Every patient at White Plains Hospital can feel confident that their nurses will deliver care that embodies these values at all times. It’s our promise.

Professional Environment

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In addition to our core values, we reinforce our Professional Practice Model with supports that allow our nurses to achieve organizational, clinical and professional excellence. This is the foundation for how care is delivered at White Plains Hospital and it stipulates that:

  • Our nurses deliver care in an environment that supports recognized professional standards and codes of ethics.
  • Our nurses are encouraged to collaborate with their colleagues across the hospital.
  • Our nurses are encouraged to pursue professional development opportunities including national certifications.
  • Our nurses are seen as leaders who use research and innovation to enhance and increase positive patient outcomes.
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Shared Decision Making Structure

Shared Decision Making is also a part of our Nursing Professional Practice Model. The fundamental belief behind Shared Decision Making is that nurses at every level should govern their practice and be included in all decisions that affect nursing practice. At White Plains Hospital, this vision is realized through the interconnectivity of our Nursing Councils. Each council has its own mandate and focus and the nurses on the council are held accountable for making decisions and recommendations related to these areas of responsibility. Our nursing staff is empowered with decision-making authority.

Nursing Bundle

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Over the past few years, our goal at White Plains Hospital has been to define nursing excellence and then to create standards and practices that assure the highest possible level of care. The Nursing Bundle includes all of the steps our nurses take to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. For example, as part of our Nursing Bundle strategy, nurses have been trained to deliver hourly rounding in order to stay well informed on each patient’s condition. Then, during a shift change, the outgoing nurse does a full patient report for the incoming nurse at the patient’s bedside. Why does this matter? Our patients can now rest assured that any nurse who is in charge of their care is well informed about their condition and our healthcare providers have an efficient way of sharing information.