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Nursing Professional Development

Nursing Professional DevelopmentAt White Plains Hospital, we place great value on continuing education for nurses and we reward the pursuit of excellence.

  • We offer tuition reimbursement to encourage and support our nurses in expanding their knowledge and skills.
  • We offer on-site study groups and tuition reimbursement for specialty certification.
  • We provide opportunities for our nurses to earn free contact hours using a variety of methods.
  • Through our Clinical Ladder Program, we formally recognize and reward increasing levels of clinical expertise and commitment to patient care, White Plains Hospital and the nursing profession.
  • All new nursing graduates, during the early phase of their orientation, are placed into a mentor program with an experienced nurse. Mentoring helps give new nurses the confidence, resources and skills they need to reach their potential. The program is a vehicle to develop the communication and leadership skills needed to maintain and enhance their careers.