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Mother's Accommodations

Mother's AccommodationsThe Maternity Unit offers attractive private rooms. Each room is equipped with a television, telephone, free Wi-Fi, lavatory and shower.

When you are ready, you will be transferred to the Mother-Baby unit. In either location, the recovery period is a special time for bonding with your new baby. We also encourage skin-to skin contact and breast-feeding immediately after delivery.

Additional information about these accommodations is available from your doctor or midwife and the Maternity nursing staff.

We are pleased to offer Gourmet Room Service dining choices during your stay at White Plains Hospital. Gourmet meals are priced at an additional cost for patient and for guest meals. Should you wish to order from our Gourmet Menu in place of your regular Room Service Menu, please speak to your Food Service Representative when she/he comes to your room to deliver your meals or take your meal selections. Gourmet meals can be delivered for lunch or dinner. Please allow a day's notice to prepare the meal. White Plains Hospital also offers a gourmet dinner the night before your departure, as well as a daily continental breakfast for mothers and their partners.