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Preparing for Discharge

Finally—the day arrives when you can take your baby home. White Plains Hospital prepares a personalized discharge plan for each mother and baby.

Discharge is daily at 11:00 am from the Hospital’s main entrance on Davis Avenue. Because New York State law requires all infants traveling by car to be buckled into an infant safety car seat, be sure to have one with you the day before discharge. For convenience, some new parents send gifts and flowers home the night before discharge.

Preparation for discharge begins on the day of your admission. This information should facilitate a smooth and timely discharge process for you and your new baby.

Car Seat

The infant car seat must be brought to the Hospital before the baby is discharged from either the Well Baby Nursery or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU.) The car seat will be inspected for recalls, defects, and expiration date. A car seat over six years old is not recommended for use. Anything that does not come with the original car seat should NOT be used (i.e. any added accessories, Bundle-Me, head support, etc. This is because the car seat was not crash-tested with these additional items.) Every baby is required by hospital policy to go home in a safe infant car seat.

Birth Certificate

Each mother on the Mother-Baby Unit will receive a Birth Certificate Work Booklet to be completed before discharge. Upon completion, the birth certificate will be given to the nurse so it can be sent to the city of White Plains. Both the birth certificate and social security card will arrive at the address provided by you in the mail roughly eight weeks later. If you are not legally married to the father of the baby, please let your nurse know. Paternity papers must be filled out if you would like the father’s name to appear on the birth certificate.

New York State Shaken Baby Prevention Program

Shaking a baby can result in serious trauma to the brain, and even death. New York State mandates that each new mother and father view a fifteen-minute long video called Portrait of a Promise. The video can be viewed on channel 28, the Newborn Channel, in your Hospital room. It will also be shown at the discharge class, which you will be told of during your stay.

Discharge Instruction Class

This class will provide helpful instructions on bathing your newborn, umbilical cord care, diapering, swaddling, taking an infant’s temperature, and circumcision care, among other important parenting topics. The instructor will also teach you about the progression of your postpartum recovery over the next several weeks. The class is offered every evening after visiting hours in the family lounge across from the nurse’s station. All mothers and fathers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Parents commonly ask “What time will I be discharged?”

The Mother-Baby Unit nurses and physicians work collaboratively to complete all discharge orders and planning in as timely a manner as possible, with the goal of completing discharge by 11:00 AM when possible. On the morning of discharge, your physician and pediatrician must approve both you and your baby for this process. Shortly thereafter, the nurse will come to your room with your final paperwork to be reviewed and signed by you. At that time, she will remove the HUGS tag and infant ID band from the newborn. Finally, the nurse will check to ensure that your baby is properly strapped into the car seat and a White Plains Hospital Transport Assistant will be called. You will leave the hospital in a wheel chair with your baby in the car seat on your lap to begin your new journey together.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

The Warm Line is available 24 hours a day.

It is natural for new parents to have questions about how to care for a newborn. That is why White Plains offers a free 24-hour Warm Line with experienced staff waiting to take your call.

The Warm Line numbers are:

The Lactation Center offers complete breast-feeding services.

The White Plains Lactation Center is staffed by certified Lactation Counselors ready to address your breast-feeding concerns. Other breast-feeding services include daytime breast-feeding classes, and consultations.

For more information about the Lactation Center, call 914-681-2214.

You and Your Baby at Home

When you and your baby are finally home, your new life as a family begins. The following resources were compiled to assist you in caring for both your baby and yourself: