Hispanic/Latino Outreach Program | White Plains Hospital

Hispanic/Latino Outreach Program

At White Plains Hospital (WPH), it is our mission to provide high-quality care. As part of this mission, we understand the importance of making our care accessible to all members of our community. For this reason, we have developed the Hispanic Outreach Program at WPH.

The Hospital's Hispanic Outreach Program includes the following components:

  • Partnerships with local Latino/Hispanic Organizations in Westchester County.
  • Increasing our understanding of the needs of the Hispanic community.
  • Greater involvement in Hispanic/Latino community events and activities.
  • Hospital events designed to display the services and programs we offer to the Latino community.
  • Spanish Club and Spanish Language classes at WPH in order to improve the Spanish-speaking skills of our staff.
  • Hiring bilingual practitioners.
  • Increasing the number of bilingual publications and bilingual advertising.
  • Assisting members of the Hispanic/Latino community to navigate care.

For further information about the Hispanic/Latino outreach efforts of White Plains Hospital, we invite you to contact our Community Outreach Department by phone at 914-681-1119 or by e-mail at wphcmail@wphospital.org.