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The Adrenal Center at White Plains Hospital

White Plains Hospital provides exceptional expert care for patients with adrenal disorders. Because of the complex nature of adrenal disorders, they require a host of disciplines to maximize the care of patients. The Adrenal Center at White Plains Hospital brings all of these experts together as one multidisciplinary team to focus on every aspect of care for the adrenal patient. We provide a team approach which includes Endocrinologists, Endocrine Surgeons, Cardiologists, Body Imagers, Interventional Radiologists, Neurosurgeons, Nuclear Medicine Physicians, and Geneticists to provide cutting-edge evaluation and treatment for these complex diseases.

Our surgeons offer innovative minimally invasive approaches to adrenal surgery. These include laparoscopic transabdominal and retroperitoneal approaches to adrenalectomy, single incision laparoscopic adrenalectomy, adrenal sparing surgery, and adrenal autotransplantation.

All of these procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art minimally invasive operating suites at White Plains Hospital, affording patients exceptional cosmetic results, shorter hospitalization stays, and quicker recovery times.

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