Lowenthal Infusion Center | White Plains Hospital

The Lowenthal Infusion Center

The Lowenthal Infusion Center provides outpatient infusion therapy in a patient-focused environment that has been designed especially for those who require infusion therapy of any type. Delivering infusion treatment in centers like the Lowenthal Infusion Center offers advantages to patients that are not usually found in a typical physician office setting which is often bustling with many types of patients. Centers such as the Lowenthal Infusion Center can offer either private rooms or more open spaces where staff and patient interaction take place. The space can be selected based on the patient's needs.

A patient scheduled for outpatient chemotherapy, blood transfusion, or any other outpatient intravenous treatment in the infusion center, will be in an environment that has been planned and constructed exclusively for this medical procedure. The patient will be cared for by clinical staff selected and trained to work solely with these patients in centers of this type. The comfortable recliners and individual flat-screen TV's help the treatment time pass as pleasantly as possible.

Since the Lowenthal Infusion Center is on the White Plains Hospital campus, but in a freestanding building dedicated only to outpatient treatment, it has all of the advantages of close proximity to the hospital without all of the complex activity necessary for the inpatient population. Only the equipment and staff needed for outpatient infusion therapy are in the Lowenthal Infusion Center so it is easier to meet your specific needs when you come in for treatment.

Separate parking and registration facilities for the Lowenthal Infusion Center are available at the Dickstein Cancer Center and patients will find it extremely easy to receive their treatment in this environment.