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Behavioral Health

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A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Care

Using a multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment, the Department of Behavioral Health at White Plains Hospital provides a variety of outpatient mental health services utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment. Patients benefit from the combined skills and expertise of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, nurses, creative art therapists and other mental health professionals specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. The Department is fortunate to be staffed by experienced, highly competent and compassionate professionals, and its programs consistently get very high marks on patient satisfaction surveys.

Adult Mental Health Clinic

The Mental Health Clinic provides psychotherapy and psychopharmacological treatment to patients 18 years of age and older who are treated for a wide variety of mental health problems. Such problems include: adjustment disorders relating to stressful life circumstances; chronic difficulty managing relationships at home and at work; anxiety and depressive disorders; and the more severe and persistent psychiatric disorders. The Mental Health Clinic offers individual and group psychotherapy, and medication management, for patients who can be adequately treated with weekly or less frequent clinic visits.

Continuing Day Treatment Program (CDT)

This is a program for adult patients whose emotional difficulties require more intensive treatment than can be provided by once-weekly office visits. It can be useful to patients making the transition from inpatient care back to the community, as well as to those patients in on-going outpatient psychotherapy who might benefit from the addition of an intensive therapeutic environment. Patients attend the CDT for four to five hours of activities per day, Monday through Friday. Each patient works with his or her primary CDT therapist to create a schedule of therapeutic activities which address the individual needs of the patient.

In addition to group and individual psychotherapy, the program offers a variety of focus groups and activities designed to foster psychological growth and prevent relapse. This is a smaller, more intimate program than many of its kind, and patient satisfaction scores are consistently high.

Child and Adolescent Service

The Department of Behavioral Health’s Child and Adolescent Service specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of problems for children and adolescents. Services available for families with children between the ages of one and 19 include individual and family psychoeducation and therapy, testing and assessment, medication management and collateral school and physician consultations.

The Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center

The first hospital-affiliated facility of its kind in the country, the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center pioneered the cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders. It specializes in treatment for Specific Phobias (e.g., driving, heights, enclosed spaces, insects and animals), Health Anxiety, Public Speaking and Social Anxiety, and Fear of Flying. Supportive group therapy and ongoing educational groups constitute the cornerstone of treatment, and counselors are available to work with patients in the specific situations that cause them anxiety. Learn more about this program.

Obtaining Services

Most people who come to the Behavioral Health Department come to us on their own or are referred by family and friends. Referrals are also made by physicians, hospitals, employers, social service agencies and other providers of mental health services.

Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance are accepted. For individuals who do not have medical insurance coverage, a fee based on ability to pay will be arranged.

For more information, or to make a referral, call White Plains Hospital's Department of Behavioral Health at 914-681-1078. For directions click here.