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Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center

White Plains Hospital, 4th Floor
41 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601

Fear of flying is one of the conditions treated at White Plains Hospital's Anxiety & Phobia Treatment CenterWhite Plains Hospital's Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center was the first of its kind in the country. Established in 1971, the Center pioneered the cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders. The Center specializes in treatment for:

  • Specific Phobias (e.g., driving, heights, enclosed spaces, insects and animals),
  • Agoraphobia (e.g., being at a distance from home),
  • Health Anxiety,
  • Public Speaking and Social Anxiety,
  • Fear of Flying.

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Workshops and Support Groups

Supportive group therapy and ongoing educational groups constitute the cornerstone of treatment. Utilizing exposure therapy, counselors work with patients in the specific situations that cause them anxiety.

Support Groups

Weekly support groups are available for phobias and anxieties, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Public Speaking and Social Anxiety Disorder. All groups are led by Certified Phobia Counselors and provide education, goal-setting techniques and invaluable mutual support.

The Anxiety & Phobia Workshop

Phobias and panic disorder are treated with a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. Patients learn how to confront and overcome their phobias in manageable steps in real life situations. The workshop includes weekly group meetings and practice sessions. The documented success rate for the workshops is 92%.

Health Anxiety Program

Health Anxiety is an exaggerated fear of physical illness and its consequences (hypochondriasis). This program, led by a physician, meets in a group setting with a tailored exposure and response prevention program for each participant. Five individual sessions are also included.

Freedom to Fly Workshop

This workshop helps participants overcome fear of flying that is affecting their personal and/or professional life. Taught by a psychologist and an airline pilot, the course includes group meetings at Westchester County Airport, individual practice sessions and a “graduation” flight to Boston.

Public Speaking & Social Anxiety Program

This weekly program uses an individualized method to overcome social and performance anxieties. Interactions with others who experience the same symptoms enables participants to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to overcome their fears.