For Your Safety | White Plains Hospital

For Your Safety

Security Staff monitor the building on a 24/7 basisSecurity

The Security Department at White Plains Hospital is here for your safety. If you have any questions about your safety, you may call Security at 914-681-2086.

Accident Prevention

At White Plains Hospital, your safety is very important to us. Please help prevent accidents by following these guidelines:

  • Never get in or out of your bed by yourself unless you have been advised by your doctor or nurse to do so. Always ask your nurse for assistance if you need it.
  • Keep the side rails on your bed raised. They are useful for shifting positions and will protect you from falling.
  • Do not attempt to get in or out of a wheelchair by yourself. Please allow WPH staff to help you.

Do not be disturbed if you hear alarm bells. For your safety, we periodically check our fire alarm system and staff preparedness.