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About Your Stay

New Patient Rooms at White Plains Hospital

Patient Meal ProgramWhite Plains Hospital has completed construction on 24 brand-new, fully private patient rooms on floors four and five of the Hospital’s new six-story addition, part of White Plains Hospital’s campus-wide transformation.

The rooms have been designed to maximize patient comfort, speed recovery, minimize infections and enhance safety, and encourage privacy and sleep. In addition, patients’ visitors will find themselves in a supportive, welcoming environment while visiting their loved ones in the Hospital.

Click here to see some of the features that increase comfort and safety for our patients and their visitors.

Electrical appliances

For the safety of all patients, please do not bring any electrical appliances, such as stereos, personal computers, or VCRs, into the Hospital. They may interfere with the safe operation of important medical equipment. Battery-operated appliances are recommended.

Cellular phone policy

The use of a cell phone or other wireless device is prohibited within in the following areas of the Hospital:

  • Emergency Department (excluding waiting areas)
  • Operating Room Suite
  • Ambulatory Surgery Suite (excluding waiting areas)
  • Endoscopy Suite (excluding waiting area)
  • Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Critical Care Unit (CCU)
  • Dialysis Room
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Nursery
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

In addition, wireless devices must be turned off completely when they are within 10 feet of medical equipment in patient rooms, clinical laboratories, Radiology and Cardiology.

Room telephones

There is a daily charge for telephone service. These charges are not covered by insurance, and are your responsibility to pay upon discharge.

  • For local calls, dial "9" and the number you are calling.
  • For out-of-the-area and long-distance calls, dial "9," then dial "1" plus the area code and the number you wish to reach. All long distance calls must be billed collect to your home telephone number or to a credit card.
  • The Hospital operator may be reached by dialing "0."

The Hospital has facilities to accommodate the disabled. If you need special arrangements please call the Patient Advocate at extension 2150.


Patient rooms are equipped with television sets, which are available for rent at a daily charge. A television representative will visit to show you how to use the controls. Payment is due in advance after the first day. Proceeds from television rentals go to the White Plains Hospital Auxiliary to support its projects at the Hospital.

Various topics on health education are available from the GE Patient Education channel.

Closed caption decoders for the hearing impaired are available by calling the Television Service Department at extension 1145.

Infection Control

White Plains Hospital is dedicated to providing you with a safe environment during your stay in our facility. To decrease your risk of infection, we have installed liquid gel or foam type hand sanitizer dispensers in your room and throughout the Hospital. Soap and water and these alcohol-based products are a quick way to "de-germ" your hands and decrease the risk of spreading infections.

We encourage all patients to participate in their care and remind us of the importance of clean hands. If you do not see nurses, doctors, clinical technicians, clergy, family or friends using the hand sanitizer dispensers, please speak up and let them know.

Personal valuables

Please do not bring valuables into the Hospital. If you must bring valuables, we ask that you place them in the safe in the Cashier's Office located on the main floor next to the Admitting Department.

Glasses, dentures, contact lenses, hearing aids and other items should never be wrapped in tissue or placed in basins or medication cups during your stay. It is too easy to forget or discard them by accident.

Patient Meal Program

White Plains Hospital offers an innovative meal preparation and delivery system called Expressly for You. This program gives you great control over your meal selections. The basic premise behind the program is that you, the patient, will be visited by a Host who will tell you about your meal options and take your meal order. At meal time, the Host will assemble your tray according to your selections and deliver it to you.

Patient Meal ProgramPlease feel free to request help from the Host if you find that you need assistance at mealtime in setting up your tray to make eating easier.

Your physician will prescribe a specific diet to meet your particular needs and your menu has been planned to contain the foods permitted. A Host will visit you and help you make selections which are in compliance with your prescribed diet.

If your physician or dietitian prescribes between-meal snacks they will be automatically delivered to your room at the appropriate time.

Certain tests mandate that you not eat for a period of time. When this happens, we will be certain to deliver your meal immediately after the test has been completed. Please order only the foods you plan to eat, so that accurate calorie counts may be taken when needed.

Other services provided by the Food and Nutrition Services Department include:

  • Kosher Menus and Meals
  • Pediatric Menu
  • Snacks
  • Birthday Celebration Program
  • Gourmet Meals (additional fee)
  • Special Holiday Meals
  • Cafeteria Services
  • Vending Services

The Department wants to provide you with very good service at all times. If for some reason we fail to meet your expectations, please inform us immediately by speaking with your Host or by calling extension 1093. We want to make sure that each meal we deliver includes very good quality food, served at correct temperatures and with courteous service.

Blood Donor Center

Give the "gift of life"- be a blood donor! Visit the Blood Donor Center located on the main floor of the Hospital. Call extension 1056 to make an appointment.

Humor Cart

Humorous videos, audio tapes and books delivered to your room by White Plains Hospital Volunteers. Ask your nurses on units 4E, 5E, and 5F.

Patient Library

Books and magazines are available on loan through the patient library located on 5C. A library cart visits patient floors regularly or you may request reading material by calling extension 1225. If you have vision problems, materials such as books on tape, magnifiers, prism glasses, and large print publications are available.

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

Trained dogs provide visits to your room to help lift your spirits. Call extension 1225 if you would like a furry friend to stop by.