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The Nurse Apprentice Program

The Nurse Apprentice ProgramThe Nurse Apprentice Program is a partnership between local high schools and White Plains Hospital. The goal of the program is to address the nursing shortage as well as increase the awareness regarding the diverse opportunities available in this rewarding healthcare profession. The program is designed to provide valuable educational, behavioral, and clinical opportunities for high school and nursing students through clubs, community outreach, and apprenticeships.

This highly competitive program offers supervised clinical experiences to students who meet required criteria and interview standards. Upon acceptance into this 7 week summer program, students are provided with an orientation and assigned to 2 different clinical units.

To the right is a short video about The Richard P. Biondi Nurse Apprentice Program.

Funding for the Nurse Apprentice Program is provided by White Plains Hospital and generous donations from the supporters of WPH.

Applying to the Student Nurse Apprentice Program
Visit our Search Jobs and Apply Online page and select the category: Nursing Support- Per Diem and Student Nurse Apprentice Position. (Please note, this will only be posted February 16, 2015 through March 20, 2015).

Click HERE to review criteria and see if you are a qualified candidate.