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When he walked into White Plains Hospital one day last October, musician Roger Zeitel had no idea he was having a heart attack. “I was loading up my equipment, getting ready to play a gig in Hawthorne,” recalls the 63-year-old professional guitarist, “and after about 12 steps, I was gasping for breath. I had no neck or back pain, but I knew something was seriously wrong.”
After being whisked to the Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, he found out what the cause was. Interventional cardiolo- gist Mark Greenberg, MD, who is also Direc- tor of Interventional Cardiology at Montefiore
Health System, told him he had two blocked coronary arteries and a calcified, poorly func- tioning aortic valve that was causing heart failure. It was a real surprise to Mr. Zeitel, who holds a fourth-degree black belt in tae kwon do. “Patients can come to White Plains Hos- pital for coronary intervention procedures to fix blocked blood vessels safely, and they re- ceive the same quality care available in major medical centers,” says Dr. Greenberg, who led the cardiac catheterization services at Montefiore for 20 years.
Mr. Zeitel was stabilized, and his diagnosis re- quired cardiac surgery. Through White Plains Hospital’s partnership with Montefiore, he was referred to heart surgeon Dr. Robert Michler,
MD, Surgeon-in-Chief at Montefiore. He per- formed open-heart surgery on Mr. Zeitel, in- cluding coronary artery bypass and an aortic valve replacement. “It’s pretty remarkable that patients have interventional heart care at White Plains Hospital at their doorstep, and if they need heart surgery, a heart transplant, or complex heart valve surgery, it’s all available to them at Montefiore,” Dr. Michler notes.
Mr. Zeitel is now back to playing gigs with his band, the Roger Zee Xperience. “I am truly blessed with the care I received,” he con- cludes. “Since the operation, to quote James Brown, ‘I feel good!’”
“I am truly blessed with the care I received,” he concludes. “Since the operation, to quote James Brown,
‘I feel good!’” — Roger Zeitel
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