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They are joined by a strong cadre of independent
physicians as well as physicians in smaller and larger multi-
specialty group practices who are well connected with the
communities they serve, and whose doctors have admit-
ting privileges to White Plains Hospital. These practices
include Scarsdale Medical Group in Harrison and East-
chester; WESTMED Medical Group (several locations,
with a central office in White Plains); and Maple Medical,
LLP of White Plains.
Advances in scientific knowledge and technology
have fueled the growth of specialties and subspecialties.
The alignment of specialists and community providers
Carl Weber, M.D., started operating at White Plains Hospital
in 1968, when most surgeons were general surgeons. Since
then, he has witnessed significant changes in the services
he provides. Some disorders once treated with surgery,
like stomach ulcers, can now be managed with medication.
Many surgeries that were routinely done through a large
incision can now be completed using several smaller inci-
sions, laparoscopically or robotically. Surgical subspecialties
have developed and flourished.
Today the Weber legacy at White Plains Hospital
continues, with surgery also being conducted by Dr. Weber’s
sons: Kaare Weber, M.D., a specialist in thyroid surgery and
the only fellowship-trained endocrine surgeon in Westchester
County, has performed more than 1,000 thyroidectomies
(removal of the thyroid gland) in patients with thyroid cancer.
And in 2012, Philip Weber, M.D., became the first specialist
in the county to perform “transoral incisionless fundoplication”
to treat patients with severe gastroesophageal reflux disease
(heartburn). The procedure, which repairs the valve between
the esophagus and stomach, is performed through the
patient’s mouth and requires no incision.
Carl Weber’s experience at White Plains Hospital
is one that he cherishes. “It is a wonderful atmosphere in
which to work, with an experienced and collegial team,”
he concluded. “It’s the best place to operate.”
A 45 Year Legacy:
Passing the Scalpel
from One Generation
to the Next
with an established healthcare organization such as
White Plains Hospital helps streamline medical care —
a virtual necessity in a healthcare environment focused
on improving access while controlling costs.
What does this mean for patients? Greater
access to a large network of incomparable specialists.
Centralized health care. And enhanced coordination
of medical services with one of the county’s premier
healthcare organizations, White Plains Hospital.
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