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Jon B. Schandler
Susan Fox
Another Exceptional Year...
This year we celebrate 120 years of providing exceptional,
compassionate care to the people of Westchester County.
Much has happened since our establishment in 1893 as
a four-bed hospital: the discovery of the x-ray in 1895 and,
in the decades to follow, far more sophisticated ways to
peer inside the deepest recesses of the body; a broader
understanding of the molecular defects that give rise to
disorders such as cancer, hypertension and high choles-
terol; the application of this newfound knowledge to the
design of drugs that zero in on molecular targets; and the
refinement of surgery accomplished using tiny incisions.
And the advent of the specialist: a healthcare professional
with advanced knowledge in one area of medical care,
allowing for greater precision in diagnosis and treatment.
Through it all, White Plains Hospital has contin-
ued to raise the bar for modern, sophisticated health care,
while delivering that care in the warm setting of a commu-
nity hospital. At the heart of all we do are our exceptional
physicians, nurses, and staff members — many of whom
have been with us for decades — who work as a team with
the shared goal of enhancing the patient experience. They
have helped us grow and develop while keeping in mind
all the while that it is the patient who always comes first.
They are family, and they treat our patients like family, too.
In 2012, we raised the bar even further. White
Plains Hospital received the coveted Magnet
tion from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a
designation achieved by less than seven percent of this
nation’s hospitals and an indicator of excellence in health
care. Our ranks continued to expand as we doubled the
number of physicians and surgeons practicing as part of
White Plains Hospital Physician Associates, a division of
the hospital aligning local physicians with hospital ser-
vices. And construction began on our new operating and
outpatient radiology suites which will further enable us to
offer advanced patient care in the most modern facilities
available. These suites are scheduled for completion by
the end of 2013.
This year also marked an important change in our
leadership. Jon Schandler, who has ably led this hospital
for 32 years as both Chief Executive Officer and President,
is now CEO and is focusing on the place of the hospital in
the larger healthcare community. Susan Fox, who served as
Executive Vice President of Administration, is now President
of White Plains Hospital and brings a depth of knowledge
and experience that will be invaluable as we position
ourselves to thrive in this evolving healthcare environment.
Together we will secure White Plains Hospital’s role as a
healthcare leader, redefining the community hospital now
and in the future.
As you read through this report, we hope you get
a sense of how far White Plains Hospital has come and
what we have to offer. “Experience is the best teacher,” so
the old saying goes. With 120 years of experience under
our belt, we have learned much, and will continue to apply
this knowledge to deliver exceptional care. Every day.
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