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Exceptional Leadership
Produced by — The Marketing and Community Relations Department, White Plains Hospital — Dawn French, Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations and Eliza O’Neill,
Director of Communications. Photography — John Abbott: pages 3. 5, 6, 8 (left), 9 (top), 11, 13. 14, 15 (right), 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 30 and 2012 White Plains Hospital Nursing Report; Robert Krivicich:
Cover; Don Dempsey, White Light Photography: page 8 (bottom); Deborah Loeb Bohren: page 9 (bottom right); Ken Gabrielsen Photography: page 15 (top left), 31; Don Dempsey, White Light
Photography: page 17. Photography on page 26 courtesy of Nancy Clarvit. Writing — Rosie Foster, Foster Medical Editorial, Inc. Editorial Consultant for Nursing Report — Margaret Brock, R.N.
Design — Weymouth Design. Creative Consultant — Deborah Loeb Bohren. Printing — Allied Printing Services, Inc.
J. Michael Divney*
White Plains Hospital
Board of Directors
Jon B. Schandler*
Chief Executive Officer
Susan Fox*
Michael Palumbo, M.D.*
Executive Vice President/
Medical Director
Stuart T. Nevins, M.D.*
Peter Fishbein*
Edward F. Leonard*
Assistant Treasurer
Frank A. Bruni*
Ann Edwards*
Jennifer Gruenberg*
William Null*
Laurence Smith*
Donald Stone*
Robert Stone*
Susan Yubas*
Vice Chairs
Helen Szczerba
Assistant Secretary
Board Members
Chairman Emereti
Robert Feder*
Arthur J. Hedge, Jr.*
Paul M. Weissman*
H. Guy Leibler*
Henry Pollak II*
Board Members
Norman Alpert
Carl Austin
Steven Baruch*
Howard Berk
Annette Cappucci
Nancy Clarvit
Aleida M. Frederico
Charles N. Glassman, M.D.
Marie Lopez
Carol Lowenthal
Alfred Roston, M.D.*
Lucy Schmolka
Michele Schoenfeld
Megan H. Shapiro
Robert Small, M.D.*
George M. Van Cleave*
Nettie Webb, Ed.D.
Foundation Board Members
Paul M. Weissman,
J. Michael Divney,
Vice Chair
Charles Clarvit,
Vice Chair
Jonathan Spitalny,
Vice Chair
Foundation Board Members
All 2012 WPH Board Members
Sheldon Alter, M.D.
Amy Bermingham
Greg Berger
Louis Flanzer
Cindy Frenchman
Dennis Gilbert
Mark Hauser
Peter Hochfelder
Daniel Martin
Peter P. Post
Alan Waxenberg
Charles Weinberg
Honorary Board Members
Sheldon Alter, M.D.
Margie Dorsey
Gloria Flanzer
Louis Flanzer
Charles R. Greenhouse, M.D.
Glenn E. Haughie, M.D.
J. Roger King
Peggie Lemle
Clement B. Malin
Ira Neimark
Debbie Raizes
John Ramsdell, M.D.
Shimon Shalit, M.D.
Henry T. Spector, M.D.
Leonard Steiner
Theodore J. Vittoria, Jr.
Charles L. Weinberg
Members of the White Plains Hospital Executive
Committee are marked with an asterisk (*)
1...,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34 36
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