White_Plains_Annual_Report_2012_2013 - page 31

Exceptional Philanthropy
Ms. Marcella S. Kahn
Mrs. Tema Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kempler
Dr. Andy Kim*
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Kimmel
Mrs. Maryln Kimmel
Mrs. Louise King
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kreeger
Dr. and Mrs. Saul Lebovic*
Dr. and Mrs. Yves A. LeBrun*
Mrs. Peggy Lemle
Dr. Serle Levin*
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin N. London
Maple Medical, LLP*
Dr. Anthony G. Maratea*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Merksamer
Mr. Joseph Moffitt
Mr. Theodore K. Morse
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Moser*
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Seth Neubardt*
Dr. and Mrs. Barney Newman*
Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group
Mr. William Null and Ms. Lauren Thaler
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Oestreich**
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Orlofsky
Dr. Michael Palumbo*
Drs. Karen*
and Paul Pechman*
The Peckham Family Foundation
Plastic and Eye Surgery Center of
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Poe
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Potack
Mr. Roy Raizen
Charles S. Raizen Foundation
Drs. Suzanne*
and Robert Reiffel*
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Reuben*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenblum
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Roth*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ruben
Mr. and Mrs. John Sanchez*
Mrs. Jane Sapery
Scarsdale Medical Group*
Lucy and Len Schmolka
Barbara and Paul Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Seidman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shames
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Sherman*
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Shmerler
Shmerler Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Shulman
Mrs. Ellen F. Simon
Elese and Jeffrey Silverman
Drs. Catherine and Robert Small*
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Sonders
Mr. Jonathan Spitalny
Dr. Don Starr*
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Stern*
Mrs. Murray Steyer
Dr. Joseph B. and Lillian Stiefel
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Teiman
The Rich Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Barraud J. Watson**
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Waxenberg
Drs. Joan and Carl Weber*
Drs. Kaare* and Pam Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Weinberg
Mrs. Edith N. Weinberger
Mrs. Arnold A. Weinstein
Mr. Marc Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Neal A. Weinstein
Willow Towers
Diane and Howard Wohl Family
Foundation Inc.
Dr. Kimberly Yee* and Dr. Patrick Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Yerman
Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Young*
In Memory
Mrs. Patricia Aquilone
Mrs Magda Bondy
Mrs. Conchetta Cappelli
Mrs. Carolyn Carnevali
Mrs. Joyce Durham
Mr. Leonard Fischman
Mrs. Elizabeth Goldsmith
Mrs. Louise Johnson
Mrs. Susan Johnson
Mrs. Esther Kates
Mrs. Elise Lynne
Mrs. Betty Menke
Mrs. Kathleen Nolan
Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner
* Member of Hospital Staff
** Member of Honorary Hospital Staff
‡ Member of Medical and Dental Staff Roundtable
us at 914-681-1040
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