White_Plains_Annual_Report_2012_2013 - page 29

Founder’s Circle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnow
Auxiliary of White Plains Hospital
Mr. John Bendheim
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clarvit
Estate of Irving R. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Combe
Combe Inc.
Mrs. Shirley H. Durst
Estate of Shirley Durst
Estate of Kathryn G. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Flanzer
Mrs. Sidney Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gruenberg
Mrs. Leona Kern
Mrs. M. William Levy
V & L Marx Foundation
Mrs. Vivian Milstein
SVM Foundation
Mr. Ahmad Rashad
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Stern
Betsy and Walter Stern Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stone
Estate of Herman Stone
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Van Cleave
GM Van Cleave Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Weiler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weissman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berk
Estate of Margery D. Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Burack
Delta Air Lines
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Divney
Mrs. Elaine Fein
Fein Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gisondi
Gisondi & Co., Inc.
The Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gittleman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Och
Jane and Daniel Och Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Siegel
Westchester Anesthesiologists, PC*
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Zuch
White Plains Society
Joseph & Sophia Abeles Foundation, Inc.
Anatol & Arthur Charitable Foundation
Austin Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Baldovin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baruch
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Eichel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Feder
Dr. Paul T. Khoury*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Lowenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mastoloni
Ms. Margaret L. Mastronardi
Mastronardi Foundation
Medical and Dental Staff of WPH*
Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust
Estate of William F. and Phyllis Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Toby G. Ritter
Louis A. Ritter Foundation
Mrs. Felix Schnur
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Suzman
Harry D. Triantafillu Fund
Ms. Lucille Werlinich
White Plains Radiology Associates, PC*
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alpert
Alpert Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Alsfine
Mr. E. Nelson Asiel
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Austin
Mrs. Mary J. Brady
Brae Burn Country Club
Capital Group Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cecil
Simon and Eve Colin Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Comfort
ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fishbein
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Seth M. Glickenhaus
Glickenhaus Foundation
Mr. Martin Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gralla
Mr. and Mrs. Devon Hart
Mrs. Janet Jaffin
Mrs. Louise King
Leo Rosner Foundation, Inc.
Metropolis Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Minsker
Mrs. David Moore
Norman M. Morris Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Francine Parnes
Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Schandler *
Mr. Harris Schwartzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Seaman
Mrs. Anna L. Shereff
Mrs. Alice W. Silton
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stone
Mr. H. James Stotter
Martha Washington Straus Harry H.
Straus Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Barbara Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Tucker
Unitex — A&P Coat, Apron & Linen
Supply, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Wagman
Kim and David Wagman Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Weissman*
WestMed Medical Group*
Exceptional Philanthropy
* Member of Hospital Staff
** Member of Honorary Hospital Staff
‡ Member of Medical and Dental Staff Roundtable
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