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White Plains Hospital would not be able to deliver its
exceptional caliber of care without the loyal support of
friends and neighbors in the community, who have been
integral to its success since its founding in 1893. They
have helped the hospital advance, improve, and update
vital treatment equipment, facilities, and technology, and
have provided for the professional development of clinical
staff. No gift is too small; they all make a difference and
positively impact lives.
These supporters are part of White Plains Hos-
pital’s longstanding legacy of exceptional health care.
Supporters like Nancy Clarvit and her family, who have
been affiliated with the hospital for over half a century.
Mrs. Clarvit, who is on the Board of Directors and the
Auxiliary Board, was born at White Plains Hospital in
1956, following her sisters, Amy and Robin, who were
also born here. Their father, Alan Herfort, M.D., was an
internist at the hospital from 1952 to 1988; their mother,
Joan, worked in the Microbiology Lab from 1970 to 1980
and in Development from 1989 to 1994.
Dr. Herfort died in 1989. “I wanted to do some-
thing as a connection to my father, something that would
help keep White Plains Hospital strong,” said Mrs. Clarvit.
So the family donated funds to create the Joan and Alan
Herfort, M.D. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, enabling
the hospital to provide immediate care to patients with
heart attack symptoms. Mrs. Clarvit also contributed
support to purchase a new digital mammography machine
at the Women’s Imaging Center in Rye Brook, recognizing
the value of this screening test for finding breast cancer in
its earliest, most curable stages.
“This hospital is a necessity for our community
and provides fabulous care,” she contended. “I’m very
happy to be affiliated with White Plains Hospital, and I’ve
learned more about medicine that I ever thought I would.
I thought if I can do this and get other people interested
in supporting the hospital, then I would have achieved
my goal.”
White Plains Hospital is now engaged in the
most important capital campaign in its 120-year history:
The Time is Now Campaign, a $100 million initiative that
will help meet the region’s demand for critical health ser-
vices long into the future. The campaign focuses on three
areas that will have the greatest impact on patients: infra-
structure, technology, and a superbly trained clinical staff.
The projects will add 42,000 square feet of space and
expand clinical space by 28 percent, including the following:
— Green buildings and sustainable construction
— A new six-story patient care building
— 24 new private patient rooms
— Five state-of-the-art operating rooms/surgical suites
— An expanded Outpatient Radiology Center
— A new entrance and lobby
To learn more about Development opportunities at White
Plains Hospital, visit
Exceptional Philanthropy
“White Plains Hospital’s
loyal friends and neighbors
in the community are
part of the hospital’s
longstanding legacy
of exceptional health care.”
Joan and Alan Herfort, M.D. in
1950 in Washington, D.C. on
route to their honeymoon.
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