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involving caregiving for their older family members.”
To meet the needs of caregivers, White Plains Hospital
formed the Caregiver Support Program, consisting of
a social worker and specially trained volunteers who
were once caregivers themselves. Said Roseanne
Braiotta, Director of Volunteer Services, “Caregivers
are critical for informing doctors and nurses about
what is going on with patients at home, and can help
us better understand what patients need when they
are in the hospital.”
The hospital has increased its focus on caring for older
adults in recent years, as that segment of the population
continues to grow, particularly in Westchester County.
Raj Buddhavarapu, M.D., Director of Geriatrics and
Palliative Care Services, sees patients both within the
hospital and out in the community. “Older adults have
complex health issues that need to be addressed by
skilled professionals in a comprehensive way,” said
Dr. Buddhavarapu. “Family members look to us for
support and guidance as they make critical decisions
Quality Care for Older Adults and Caregivers
The Flanzer Center for Emergencies and Critical Care at White Plains Hospital,
the most active hospital emergency room in Westchester County, provides
exceptional emergency and critical care.
Susan O’Boyle, Vice President of Quality,
and the rest of the hospital’s multidisciplinary
performance improvement committee meet
regularly to develop ways to continuously
improve patient care.
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