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Tracy and Marc D. Ja e
Helen Jhang, M.D. and Seth E. Lerner, M.D. Matilda and Gary Joseph
Lindsay and Adam Kalish
Andree and Harvey Kelly
April and Evan Kimmel
Maryln Kimmel
Susan and Daniel Kornstein
Deborah and Andrew Kozak
Wendy and Douglas Kreeger
Ana LeBrun and Yves A. LeBrun, M.D. Egesta Mani, M.D. and Neritan Mani, M.D. McLaren Engineering Group
Leigh Anne and Patrick McMahon
Geraldine F. and Norman J. Merksamer Deborah and Arthur Messina
Lisa Messinger and Aaron Panken
Eileen and Michael Meyers
Laura S. and Michael Miller
Deborah Morel and Michael Shuster
Judy and Theodore K. Morse
MS Hope for a Cure
Diana Munder
Ira Neimark
Carrie H. Newman and Barney Newman, M.D. Susan O’Boyle and Edward Karjewski O’Connor Davies, LLP
James O’Connor
Vibha Palekar and Shekhar Palekar, M.D. PCSB Bank
Karen Pechman, M.D. and Paul Pechman, M.D.
The Peckham Family Foundation
PepsiCo, Inc.
Margaret and Ronald F. Poe
Tina and Steven Price
Suzanne T. Rei el, M.D. and Robert S.
Rei el, M.D.
Linda Rodney and Marc Weinstein Cheryl and Richard Rosen
Karen and Bryan Rozencwaig
Jan and Lawrence Ruben Maricela and John Sanchez
Jane Sapery
Joan Schechtman
Susan Schlesinger
Michele Schoenfeld
Evelyn and Jerome A. Seidman Pamela S. and Keith Seidman Elaine and Harold Shames
Mari and Kenneth Share
Margaret S. Sheppe
Sherloq Solutions
Louise A. and David A. Shulman Brenda and Richard Siegler
Graciela Stachenfeld
Janice and Ira Starr
Leonard L. Steiner
Randy Ellen Stevens, M.D. and David Henko  Beatrice Steyer
Laura and Peter Strauss
Nicki and Harold Tanner
Barbara and Richard B. Teiman
Bonnie L. and Stephen S. Thompson
Noelle and Je rey A. Tiesi
Ruth To 
Roberta and Peter A. Tomback Trans-Continental Credit and
Collection Corp.
United Way of Greater Portland
Marcy and Ronald Vinder
Visiting Nurse Services in Westchester Jacqueline and Arthur Walker
Scott F. Warner
Suzanne and Alan Waxenberg
Joan Weber, Ed.D. and Carl P. Weber, M.D. Pamela Weber, M.D. and Kaare Weber, M.D. Denise Weiner
Wendy and Daniel Weinreb
Elaine R. Weinstein
Rebecca L. and Neal A. Weinstein
Julie Weiser and Todd Weiser, M.D. Westermann Sheehy Keenan Samaan &
Aydelott, LLP
Westmoreland Consulting, LLC
Victoria Whaley and David J. Dicko , M.D. Maria Wing, M.D.
Di and Dave Woolley
Beth Zadek and Joph Steckel, M.D.
In Memory Of
David H. Amler, M.D. Budd Bailin
Arlette Belkin
John Bendheim John M. Bisaccia Mary J. Brady Filomena Braiotta Suzanne Burg Ronald Capano, Jr. Rose Castaldo
Jane Cecil
Philip Cernera Joseph Chomsky Mike Claman John Confort June A. Delvalle Mary Jane Denzer Howard Dermak
John DeRosa Marilyn Dvorkin Robert C. Edwards Bob Eidlitz
Steven Elson
Helen Fragner
Louise Gianzero
Lisa Gisondi Chiappetta Samuel L. Gordon, M.D. Stanton Gotterer, D.D.S. Albert Gottlieb Edmund Haywood Mary Ellen Healy, R.N. William Hilliard, Jr. Joseph Hofheimer Theodore Kadin
Harry Kalfus
Michael Kempler Michael Lee Kittredge Ida LaReau
Muriel Lemle
Leon Lerea
Laurence G. Lewitt Vito Liggio
Leo Makar
Mary Miller
Barbara Mintz
David Mintz, M.D. Howard Parnes Carmelina Pellegrino Elizabeth Provenzano Karen Resnick Norman Schoenfeld Arthur M. Schreier Richard Schwartz Robert K. Schwartz Jesse Seligson
Joan Seligson Thomas C. Settembrini Martin Shaw
Alice Silton
James Skorney, Ph.D. Robert Small, M.D. Vivienne Stevens Frederick C. Tancredi Gino Torrieri
Dorothy E. Wachter Kenneth Way
Elaine Wendorf
Lynton Wiener Barbara Wynne
In Honor Of
3F Nurses and Sta  4E Nurses and Sta 
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