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Jodi and Peter Roth
Susan Roth and David M. Roth, M.D.
Ginny and Brian Ruder
Scarsdale Medical Group
Kate and Arnold Schmeidler
Lucy and Lenny Schmolka
Ethan Small, M.D.
Judy Soley
Jonathan F. Spitalny
Don Starr, M.D.
Betsy and Walter P. Stern
Martha Washington Straus Harry H. Straus
Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Strauss
Lauren Thaler and William Null Turbo Dog Claims Corp.
Kim and David Wagman
Robin W. and Je rey S. Weiss Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust WestMed Medical Group
$5,000 +
Ame Foundation, Inc.
Eda and Steven Baruch
Andrew Benerofe
Robin and James C. Benerofe
Wendy S. Blum
Dotty and Frank A. Bruni
Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
Louise and Robert Cohen
Stephanie and Charles Cohen
Maria Cuomo Cole and Kenneth Cole Estate of John Confort
Robin and James M. Coogan
Crothall Healthcare, Inc.
Barbara and Richard B. Dannenberg Arnold J. Davis
Aileen Disick
Virginia N. Donovan
Lisa and Stephen Eisenstein
Empress Emergency Medical Services Bobbie and Robert H. Falk
Vicki Aranow Feiner and Fred Feiner Feuerring Foundation
Dorothy M. and Kenneth J. Finger Je rey Fladell
Dawn and Richard French
Yvette and Lawrence Gralla
The Grateful Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth and Steven Gruber
Harriet Gruber
Louise G. Harper Charitable Lead
Annuity Trust
Sheila and Christopher Healy
Leslie and Stuart Hendel
Robin A. Henry and Jonathan H. Goodman Phyllis and Andrew L. Herz
Mary W. and Philip M. Hogan
Nancy K. Howe
Carren Kleinman and Gerald Kaufman Daney and Lee Paul Klingenstein
Linda and Warren L. Lesser
Susanne and John A. Manley
Jean McCoy
Medline Industries, Inc.
Stephanie P. and William Miller
Deborah Mintz
Terry and Robert Orlofsky
Pilkington & Leggett, P.C.
The Milton Pollack Family Foundation Jean and Henry Pollak, II
Lucile & Maurice Pollak Fund
Shari and Len Potter
Harriet Rader
Charles S. Raizen Foundation
David Raizen
Roy Raizen
Deborah Raizes and Gary S. Raizes, M.D. Henrietta Sanford
Irving & Geraldine Scha er Foundation Amy and Jon B. Schandler
Barbara and Paul Schwarz
Jill and Robert Serling
Estate of Thomas C. Settembrini
Shmerler Foundation, Inc.
Susan and William Shmerler
Robert Stone
Francis J. Dorothy Van Bortel Fund
Estate of Dorothy E. Wachter
WB Wood
Theodore and Renee Weiler Foundation White Plains Pathology Associates
Joan Wiener
$1,500 +
A&A Maintenance Enterprise, Inc. Gianna Abruzzo and Rafael Torres, M.D. Toby Alter and Sheldon Alter, M.D. Catherine and Denis Andreuzzi Annese & Associates, Inc.
Approved Oil Co. of Brooklyn, Inc.
John H. Asiel
Jill and Carl Austin
Jacqueline and John Bamman
Karen Bano 
Barish & O’Brien Foundation
Peter Bauer
Bella Baby NYC, LLC
Stephanie and Michael K. Bellantoni Belway Electrical Contracting Corp Frances and David Bordoni
Marion and Bennett Borko
Lucille and Sebastian Bulfamante
Frank Burgel
Laura Butterfield, Ph.D. and Peter D. Wolfson Caduceus
Sari and Jay Canell
Elizabeth and Paul J. Choquette
Joyce and Fred Claar
Bernice R. Clyman and Sidney G. Clyman, M.D. Connie Coker and Erik A. Larsen, M.D. Sandra Ward Costin and Daniel Costin, M.D. Cuddy & Feder LLP
Donna Ellrodt-Dahl and Ossie Dahl
Jean and J. Michael Divney
Estate of Thomas Doran
Pamela J. Du y and Christopher Du y, M.D. Joanne Egrovich and Thomas Busacco Janet and Theodore D. Eisler
Linda Ellis
Elmwood Charity Fund, Inc.
Empire BlueCross BlueShield
ENT Faculty Practice
Sandra S. and H. William Ettelson , Jr.
Robert B. Fath, Jr., M.D.
Meira and Thomas Fleisch
Christine and Allen Flissler
Hilda Forchheimer
Foundation Medicine
Mary and Michael Franco
Cristina and Richard E. French
Alice and Nathan Gantcher
Michael Gelb, M.D.
Jacqueline and Michael Geoghegan
Laurie and Stephen Girsky
Debra Glassman and Charles N.
Glassman, M.D.
Lisa and Michael Goldberg
Micaela Kelly-Goldberger and Charles A.
Margaret M. Goodman
Judy and Je  Greenstein
Danielle and Thomas Gri ith
Ellen and Kamran Hakim
Joan Halpern
Keith Hannan
Harrison Edwards Public Relations & Marketing
Health Resources Optimization, Inc. Una Hopkins, DNP and Robert Hopkins Harry Hutzler
Island Acoustics
Perry Jacobson
2016-2017 Annual Report
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